Growth Marketing Insights: Part 1.

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Ecommerce averages based on 130,000,000 conversions

SaleCycle agency published a report on 130M conversions they tracked in 2019. This is 30 pages of gold.

Some insights:

I recommend to read the full report it's well worth the time.

Interesting facts about coronavirus pandemic impact

Luke Wroblewski put together a compilation of charts illustrating global impact of the corona pandemic across a wide range of areas. For example:

There's much more data in the presentation so I highly recommended to read the full version

Facebook Power 5 ML algorithm usually outperforms human media buyers

You might have heard this notion that these days the most efficient media buying strategy for Facebook Ads is to use very wide targeting options and trust Facebook's Machine Learning Algorhytm – Power5. To leverage the “Power 5” you have to use

To prove the point Savannah Sanchez conducted an experiment in which a professional media buyer with 5 years of experience tried to outperform a campaign controlled by the Power5 ML-algorithm.

It turned out that after 2 weeks the campaign controlled by robot showed better performance than a campaign manually controlled by an experienced media buyer.

Watch the full video.

Crowd sourced list of the best SEO tools

Still on the subject of marketing this time about SEO. Ahrefs recently published a crowd sourced list of the best SEO tools. The list is based on votes of more than 50,000 SEO professionals, and includes tools for

The vast majority of these tools are either free or very affordable so if you’re on a tight budget, this list should serve you well.

Still on SEO, MOZ conducted an insightful experiment comparing the amount of traffic one can get from the featured snippet vs the Top spot on the SERP. It turned out that even though a lot of people scarred that featured snippets drastically decrease the organic traffic since people can get answers to their questions without leaving Google, the top spot position brought less traffic relative to the traffic brought by the featured snippet. That means that if the keyword you want to rank for triggers a Featured Snippet it’s typically in your best interest to rank for it.

Jarod Spiewak shared a Google Sheet template which estimates if Google Ads can be profitable for your company or in other words does it even make sense for your business to test it. The template requires a few variables such as average CPC in your niche, your customer LTV and CR to purchase. The best part is that template calculates profitability for various Quality Score values.

Supermetrics alternatives

Supermetrics is perfect for having an advanced reporting on your ad campaigns. You can even track things you can't track in the default ad reports. For example you can see which Facebook Ads dynamic creative variations are performing the best. Downside: it's pricy. I recently stumbled upon a similar tool called Stitch which can do almost everything Supermetrics does for free.

Stich can get data from AdRoll, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and bunch of other ad platforms and is free to use unless you don't exceed the limit of 5 million rows of data per month which should be enough for most small and medium size businesses. Stitch also structures your data for compatibility with Google Data Studio or Tableau.

Another alternative is Singer . Singer is an open source tool which can extract unlimited data from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads and then feed it into Google Sheets, BigQuery or Google Data Studio. It's a little bit more technical to setup but if your growth team has at least one tech-savvy person you must be good to go.