Growth Marketing Insights: Part 2.

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NN/g report: what changed in how people read and engage with online content

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Their previous report which was published almost 15 years ago established a lot of UX practices which defined the modern Internet.

A few highlights.

  1. In 2020 people expect your web pages to be long so a new reading pattern emerged. Webpages with zigzag-shaped layouts are read or rather scanned in the “lawn mower pattern”. So it's a good idea to make sure your landing pages are good for quick scrolling. Think about it if you choose between grouping for example the features of your product into tabs or list them one after one.

    pinball pattern in SERP

  2. Another highlight is huge for SEO and Paid Search Ads. Search results page is scanned in the “pinball pattern”. It's called “pinball” because users attention is heavily bouncing between different elements of the SERP page. The knowledge graph and Ads are in the spotlight while the top organic spots get significantly less attention than they used to.


What hasn’t changed? People still scan, rather than read. So design your pages that they're easy to scan. Consider using:

Best UX practices to increase the conversion rate of ecommerce stores

Baymard Institute published a report on 18 common pitfalls that significantly hurt the conversion rate of ecommerce stores.

Some highlights:

Multi-Product landing pages vs single-product pages

Ecommerce stores might benefit from utilizing different landing pages for Paid Search (e.g. Google Shopping ads) and Paid Social (e.g. Instagram ads). The difference in the conversion rate might be epic.

single product page vs multi product page

Single-product pages (which is your regular landing page focused on pitching the value of your product) perform much better on Paid Social.

But if you run Paid Search campaigns you should test multi product pages. Think of a multi product page as a succinct category page or a search results page. Three crucial components of a good multi product page include:


Animated GIFs in Email Are Worse Than Static Emails

Despite what you've heard animated GIFs in email are worse than static emails. Recent NN/g's qualitative study shows that adding a GIF to an email decreases the positive sentiment towards that email by 165%. Not surprisingly GIFs in emails increase the negative sentiment and cause frustration.

Note that during this study the researchers didn't measure the conversion rate yet it's unlikely that getting your prospect annoyed is the proper way to increase the CR.

Hypeddit for great music you can use in your ads and product videos

Most free-to-use music is boring and generic. And even If you somehow found a piece that's cool it's most likely already been used by a lot of people. However there are a few gems in the world of free or almost free-to-use music and one of them is HYPEDDIT . HYPEDDIT is a marketplace of talents willing to give you their music in exchange of Soundcloud likes, social shares and sometimes mentions. So it's basically for free. Keep in mind that even though the quality of tracks is usually above average be ready to spend at least an hour to find a few suitable tracks.